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Bingo was started as a type of lottery game in the sixteenth century. Though its beginning was in Italy, it has gradually developed almost in all nations. It is really an amazing game for all players. The top 15 online bingo playing countries are mentioned in the following. has listed some countries, where the online Bingo is comparatively much popular.

  • United Kingdom- As the streaming quality carries on improving, online Bingo facilities are turning out to be gradually popular with participants in the UK.
  • Romania- This country has completely embraced the idea of bingo. There are several European Union based websites, which offer the versions of Romanian language of their bingo websites.
  • Ireland- Online bingo in the country of Ireland involves a flourishing success story. In spite of the financial crisis, they have faced, it seems that gaming is yet a large business.
  • Spain- It is another country that allows its citizens to play bingo online with many great benefits.
  • Brazil- Here, Bingo halls engage a legal gray part in Brazil. They were originally authorized in 1993. Again, in 1998, these were allowed to hold electronic bingo systems. The industry faced high development, and in 2003, the number of Bingo halls crosses 1,200.
  • Netherlands- The legal rules on Bingo game in Netherlands are inconceivable to many. However, the game seems to be accepted to many Dutch citizens. Every form excluding charity bingo is unlawful.
  • Denmark- In this country, you can get the chance of playing free online Bingo. However, there are some sites that provide no real money.
  • Canada- Playing online Bingo in Canada is never illegal. It is the best pass time in which many people are involved. As there are several sites, you have to select carefully.
  • United States- In the US, it is noticed that six out of ten bingo contestants play quite well in the game, and their yearly incomes are over $28,000.
  • Italy- Some gaming professionals stated that Italy is the biggest gaming market mainly in Europe. Many UK bingo operators launched websites for Italian audience.
  • Australia- There are many recognized Bingo sites for Australian players, for you can any of these.
  • New Zealand- As New Zealand government has not offered licenses for the Bingo services, many New Zealanders play Bingo on the foreign websites.
  • Belgium- Here also the citizens play the games in the foreign sites, and most of these accept the players from Belgium.
  • Switzerland- This is also one of the popular Bingo gaming nations in the world.
  • Russia- If you are in Russia, you can play internet Bingo from your mobile, by knowing the classical rules of the Russian Bingo.
This guide will help you to know about the availability of Bingo all over the world.

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