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FanDuel is known as one of the biggest brands in the fantasy sports. In order to get a good idea about the size of this site, there were more than $1 billion awarded in prizes during the year 2015. The software of the Fanduel site is very easy to use and it can always provide you with the best functionality. Some people are complaining that it doesn't has the shine of their competitors, instead of that you should be able to find a platform which is very easy to use and that has a very good speed which allows you to get straight to the action right away.

There are basically two different ways you can access the FunDuel fantasy games: with the help of the browser based client, which can be accessed on any computer that holds a browser, no matter if it's a Mac, Windows PC or Linux. While the second way you can play the games is with the help of the mobile platform. This mobile version is available for both iOS and Android. The iPhone version is going to give you access to the full features of the fantasy games, while the Android version can only provide you with a feature that allows you to check the scores.

There is a huge number of games available. You can chose from all sorts of games formats and this way you can always have fun as you're playing something new like: the guaranteed prize pool tournaments, head to head, leagues, 50/50s and others. These game formats will allow you to start playing the games on a greater variety of sports including: college football, college basketball, MLB, NBA, NHL and the most popular of them all: NFL.

In order to make sure that you will get the most out of the experience that you are about to have as a new player, it's always best that you register and start playing the games by using The Fanduel Promo Code 2016. This is the code that can give you access to one of the best deal of bonuses and promotions. This includes the $200 first deposit bonus.

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