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When searching for bingo related terms in Google one will find that the majority of the results are taken up by large bingo brands, and other sites where you can play bingo. There is very little space dedicated to sites which that just talk about the game more generally. Although obviously there is a very limited market for sites that simply discuss bingo in a more general manner, such sites would nonetheless be of interest no doubt to bingo enthusiasts. Therefore, after extensive research we have decided upon two alternative sites where one can find fun information about bingo without being harassed by bingo offers and bonuses. These sites are:

Shout Bingo

This site is run by one of the ex CM's of Free Bingo UK. Although there has not been much activity of late on this blog, it is however, full of funny and interesting anecdotes about the game we love. Some of the old posts are still of interest and definitely worth a read now and again. Moreover because the blog is not affiliated with any of the larger bingo companies, it tends to be a place where anything goes, and certainly complaints about issues with bingo sites are welcome here.

The Drum

It might seem a little odd why we would include The Drum, however, this site does discuss bingo from time to time. It often discusses various new bingo adverts that have come out and offers objective reviews on them. Since huge portions of TV advert time is taken up by bingo adverts it's no surprise that it generates interest among sites that are outside of the bingo niche.

Is there an echo in here?

Shout Bingo Blog offers a roomy platform for those needing to get pressing issues off their chest in an industry towered over by brands mountainous in size and seemingly immovable in their approach to customer wants and needs. Those that love bingo can at least take some solace that their voice won't reverberate and fade away on the shout platform. Highly recommended and well worth a visit.

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